The Start of Long Aisle Events

About Alexa, owner of Long Aisle Events 

I started working in the wedding industry at 14 - I know, so young right? Is that even legal? It is... I found my working papers while cleaning out my childhood bedroom and they're hanging right next to my college diploma.. #startedfromthebottom. It all started on the bus ride to middle school... there was a bridal salon on the route and I remember saying "I am going to work there" and I did! For all of high school, that's where you could find me after school and on the weekends. My love for weddings didn't stop there. Fortunately for me, there was a wedding planner right across the street from the salon and my boss suggested I go over there to see if she needed help and lucky for me, she did. That's where I fell in love with wedding planning and started working with the planner every weekend. Eventually, I knew it was the career path for me. I went to college for event planning, with a major in Management, knowing I wanted to eventually start my own wedding planning business.